Wax excipients based on carnauba and rice bran wax can be used for tablet coating and as binding/granulating agents. These natural waxes can improve ease of swallowing, enhance tablet strength, and modify extended release properties.

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    Microcare 350GMP

    Ultrafine #1 prime yellow carnauba wax for use as a coating and binding excipient in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products

    Additional Details:
    • Tablet coatings improve flow and tabletability
    • Very good dry binding properties
    • Provides easier tablet swallowing and improved taste masking
    • Carnauba wax is sourced from an ISO 22000 certified manufacturer
    • Sustainably and ethically sourced from SINDCARNAUBA member suppliers
    • Manufactured under cGMP compliance using dedicated equipment
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    Natural or Naturally Derived
    Features: Controlled Release Eased Tablet Swallowing Glossy Finishing Granulation Binding LubricityShow All Features