Micro Powders was founded in 1971 as a supplier of micronized wax powders to the printing inks and coatings industry. 50 years later, our diverse portfolio of novel additive powders gives formulators the tools they need to enhance performance in paints, coatings, inks, personal care products, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. Our products enrich your everyday life, from the wall paint that is easier for you to clean, to the natural shower scrubs that cleanse and refresh your skin.

We serve the global additives market through a network of highly experienced agents and distributors, many who have been with us for decades, providing customers with outstanding technical and customer service at the local level. Our commitment to quality, from ISO 9001 certification to the most stringent particle size control in the industry, ensures product reliability and performance in your application. And our team of wax experts is always available to navigate you to the best possible additive to deliver the results you need.

As experts in small particle additives for 50 years, we continue to design specialty waxes and other fine powders that help solve formulation problems and enhance performance in their products.